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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i've moved!

Come see me at my new space, and be sure to update your bookmarks! Thanks!
Love ya!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

{Round robin}

Second exerpt from journal at the Bucks today...

...Guess who took the place of previously dubbed "vile Oriental woman" in the squishy black chair to my right? Mister NFL Ring, himself! Straight off, let me tell you about what you most want to know-the ring. Its on his right hand, and therefore too far away for observation. Yeah, what it comes down to is that all I can see is the same side as Monday and that each time I try to peak at it, he looks straight at me. He probably thinks I'm a nut. Oh, but I do have some bit of revelation. Thanks to one of the ladies who work here, I now know his name: Fred. Fred, the NFL Cowboys Ring Wearer.
Funny little note. He downed what might be a cappucino or expresso - whatever comes in a tiny cup? - and proceeded to lean his head back, TUCK HIS HANDS IN HIS POCKETS (of course!), and go to sleep! Just like Monday. Curious. Curious.
When Fred sat down next to me, I said hi. He seemed surprised or put off. It appears he comes here often, so I will just keep saying hello to him, LOL. Eventually, I WILL figure this ring situation out...right?
You know what? As I sit here staring at him while he sleeps, he kinda reminds me -facially only!- of the little person who stalks Liss. Very curious, indeed. Or I could just be imagining things...
I found an image of the ring on the web from The Danbury Mint, which makes me think he's a fan...apparently it says NFL on both sides in stead of a year on one side. Who knew where Monday's curiosity would lead me?

{Vile woman}

I made it to the Bucks again today while Michael was at school. A good time was had by all until...well, just read this from my journal entry at the time...

Okay, I have spent all this time on my, and while I wanted to continue to do so, the Oriental woman sitting in the squishy black chair to my right is forcing herself onto my pages. Sweet Mary, Mother of God, is she out of control. Some things just can't be ignored in life-such as this woman's ABSOLUTE inability to chew with her mouth closed. It isn't even the whole "see-food" issue here-its the SOUND. For God's sake, close your damn mouth and save us all from this hell of smacking lips and smooshy wet donuts that you have imprisoned us in! Oh, yeah, there you go-dunk the donut in the coffee and let 'er rip! My random bout of morning sickness this morning must have been in anticipation of this vile woman (who I am sure is a lovely person-or could be if she learned some basic manners).

Monday, February 20, 2006

{The mystery at Starbucks}

An exerpt from my journal written on 2.20 in the Bucks...

A man who sits in the chair next to me has a class ring on. The ring is squared with a dark jewel (onyx? sapphire?) in the middle. The ring looks pewter/silver and has a silver outline of a star in the jewel. The reason I write is that I alwasy wonder about people who wear class rings after age 25. The man is clearly past age 45. It makes me wonder what is the connection that keeps people wearing their class rings after all this time? (Regardless of whether it is a high school ring or college ring-its irrelevant.) Is it actual feeling or habit of wearing it? Is it nostalgia? Is it a desire to keep that person who they were then alive and part of the now? Is it the fact that the ring was expensive and therefor must be worn? Or perhaps the person wants to give it to their child and wants that child to remember them actually wearing it? Or on a less positive note, is it taking the place of another ring? It would be interesting to me to see ages and genders of who still wears their class ring (or not) and why (or why not)...
My first thought on seeing [this man's] ring was that the star looked like the Dallas Cowboys star. And while I was throwing other ideas on the page, I thought of fraternity/sorority/group and championship rings and how people wear those. Well, sure as shittin' when I peeked again while he sleeps in his chair, the side I could see said NFL on it. I wish he would put it up again so I could see the other side to see the year. The new question for him is-Is this HIS ring from experience or is it a commemorative "fan ring" (and do those exist?)? Is it rude to ask? Haha, we ll know I don't have the cahones to do that.
New story/concept from my thoughts: Is this related in my mind to someone sitting alone in the cafeteria? Eating alone at a restaurant? Is he "famous" but lost? No one recognizes him? Was he a benchwarmer? My heart is curious. And I may never know the answer...if I could see that ring again, I could google it, heehee.
Damn! His ring is in full view, but it is twisted so that all I can stinking see if NFL! Will this remain a mystery to me?? Its 11:10 and NOOOOOO!!!!! He just got up and left!

"And like that, he was gone." - The Usual Suspects

I suppose the joke's on me and I won't ever know the real truth. A mystery that could have been solved by asking a few questions. Gone, just like Kaiser Sose.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Papers and elements are from Eclectic Scraps (YOU ROCK, JESSICA!!).